our favorite overnight cloth diaper with bambino mio on allweareblog.com

a better night with bambino mio

one of the biggest reasons we made the decision to use cloth diapers with annabelle was because cloth diapers are made of natural fibers {like cotton} and are much more gentle than disposable diapers. but because there are no harmful chemicals involved they’re just not as absorbent as disposable diapers. typically this is fine for during the day – we make it a rule to not go longer than 2 hours without changing annabelle’s diaper. but at night there’s a little bit more work required to keep her dry.

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the perfect little black dress {lbd} on allweareblog.com | featuring steve madden carrson sandal and cupcakes and cashmere renee lace dress
style, summer

little black dress

i fully believe that a little black dress can be the answer to many a wardrobe question. black makes me feel comfortable yet elegant {but still cool} and the cut of this particular dress is extremely flattering. i love that the v-cut and lace detail make it interesting enough to stand out while still being a classic piece. ken and i went downtown for a little date night and i’m so glad we were able to capture the vibrancy that is this gem of a city in the summer.

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summer cocktail favorites on allweareblog.com

our favorite summer cocktails

last night ken and i decided to start celebrating friday a little early by sipping a couple of our current favorite cocktails. they’re both super simple and refreshing so i wanted to share in case you are looking to mix it up this weekend. happy friday, friends!

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Ole Henriksen POWER Bright™ review on allweareblog.com

ole henriksen power bright

last friday i poured myself a glass of wine and gave myself the most luxurious home facial treatment that i’ve ever done. of course i made ken photograph the entire event! our date nights are so weird 😉

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annabelle, 21 months on allweareblog.com

annabelle, 21 months

you guys, my baby is almost two. TWO! it’s funny because whenever someone asks annabelle how old she is and she says ‘one’ i think it sounds so weird. maybe because her first birthday seems like it was years ago but she definitely seems older than one! most days ken and i agree that she’s more like a teenager, sometimes in a good way and sometimes well you know…

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a day at the zoo with thredup | shop secondhand first with thredup | allweareblog.com
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a day at the zoo with thredup

over the weekend we went to one of our favorite places, the detroit zoo! we have an annual membership and try to go as often as we can. good or bad the zoo is pretty small so you can see a lot in just a few hours. plus annabelle is going through a phase {ok, it’s been going on since she could walk} where she prefers to be out of her stroller and exploring on her own. i love that she’s so curious but chasing her around gets exhausting for everyone! in this case we had a lovely morning and were home by naptime, the perfect day!

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a life update on allweareblog.com

hey girl hey {i’m back}!

well after a short break from the blog i’m back and {hopefully} better than ever! life has been so crazy with the renovations we’ve been doing to the house that we really just didn’t have the time to dedicate to my internet diary. but! things are finally slowing down and i can’t wait to get back into the swing of it all! and i have a couple of fun updates on the blog, while we’re talking about it.

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monthly motherhood update on allweareblog.com

annabelle, 20 months

i had a realization the other day that annabelle is finally starting to feel less like a baby and more like an actual person. i don’t want to be one of those parents that tries to be ‘friends’ with their kid{s} but i thought to myself wow, i actually like hanging out with this little lady! she’s talking more and ceratinly has more opinions about things and is just the light of every day for us! here are a few things i want to remember.

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