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cinco de mayo!

i realize i’m a day late but whatever it still counts! we closed on our house yesterday! it feels so good to finally be able to call it ours and i can’t wait to share all of the details with you! i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned it before but our “new” house is actually really old. it was built in 1965 and the majority of it hasn’t been updated since. there is carpet in the kitchen, y’all. demolition begins tomorrow and i’ll be sharing our “before” pictures next week!

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march of the {detroit zoo} penguins!

last week we went to the detroit zoo to visit the brand new polk penguin conservation center. everyone in our little family was excited but ken was by far the most excited i have seen him a long time. he picked the date and reserved the tickets months in advance and as luck would have it, it turned out to be a lovely spring day! the zoo was closed to the public so there was a lot of opportunity for annabelle to run around. we had hot dogs and chips for dinner, played with ducks and of course saw the penguins!

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my new favorite denim

do you ever feel like a trend is just not for you despite how badly you may want to make it work? that’s how i felt about overalls before this pair. i’d see other people wearing them and feel instantly jealous that i would never be cool enough to pull them off. but i’m here today to tell you i have found the pair that will work for anyone – including awkward me!
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brunch so hard

ken and i found ourselves in a really wonderful situation last weekend. we had brunch plans to celebrate our friend brian’s birthday and my parents were watching annabelle overnight which meant two things. one, i could enjoy a brunch cocktail {or two, as it were} and two, i could wear all white and keep it clean for more than thirty seconds!
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annabelle, 18 months

it’s hard to believe that we’ve been parents for a year and a half. some days it feels like i still have a newborn. like i haven’t quite adjusted to life as a family of three. i sometimes still wonder when it’s going to get easier, or if it ever does. but most of the time i feel joy. annabelle is becoming a person and she makes us proud everyday. she’s kind and caring. she’s smart. she’s funny {like ken} and she’s dramatic {like me}. she’s our light and i can’t imagine life any other way. here are a few things from the past month.

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shopping with thredup

i’ve written about my experience with thredup before but until recently i’ve only resold my clothes to them. i am excited to say that i was so pleased with my first thredup shopping experience! their inventory is really amazing and their site is super friendly to browse. you can filter by so many different categories and one of my favorite features is when you filter by a specific size {like small} it automatically searches equivalent sizes {like 2, 4, and 6}. the condition of the item is very clearly displayed so you know exactly what you’re getting and they offer free shipping over $79 and free returns!  Continue Reading

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my first rocksbox

i tend to be a little skeptical of fashion related subscription services. it’s not that i don’t think they provide value or convenience, i just really enjoy shopping so anything that offers to ‘do it for me’ feels unnecessary. however when rocksbox contacted me to see if i wanted to try their designer jewelry rental service i figured i didn’t have much to lose.

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