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annabelle, 20 months

i had a realization the other day that annabelle is finally starting to feel less like a baby and more like an actual person. i don’t want to be one of those parents that tries to be ‘friends’ with their kid{s} but i thought to myself wow, i actually like hanging out with this little lady! she’s talking more and ceratinly has more opinions about things and is just the light of every day for us! here are a few things i want to remember.

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summer fun with a toddler featuring kingdom and state swim on
summer, things to do

pool party {for two}

i realize that it’s not technically summer yet but gosh it feels like it! the last few weeks have been stressful what with a full time job, full time home renovation and full time toddler. it’s nice when we can take a few hours on the weekend and have a little fun.
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a simple way to treat yourself

being a mom who’s pressed for time {is there any other kind?} i often look for ways to treat myself that don’t include spending time outside of the house. i try to give myself a manicure at least once a week, last month i tried this foot peel {which worked amazingly!} and i like to use face masks to pamper my skin and force myself to relax for a few minutes while the mask works its magic.

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our new routine

as you probably already know we use cloth diapers. we love cloth for many reasons and will continue to use them until annabelle is potty trained as well as if we have another child. however since we moved in to our new {old} house we’ve had to make quite a few adjustments to our routine.

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our memorial day

hey ya’ll! sorry it’s been a minute, things have been crazy around here living in a construction zone and all. the good news is i think we’re starting to turn a corner and we probably only have a few more weeks of work before we can settle down a little and start to get comfortable in our new home.

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everyday style with forever 21 on
spring, style

cinco de mayo!

i realize i’m a day late but whatever it still counts! we closed on our house yesterday! it feels so good to finally be able to call it ours and i can’t wait to share all of the details with you! i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned it before but our “new” house is actually really old. it was built in 1965 and the majority of it hasn’t been updated since. there is carpet in the kitchen, y’all. demolition begins tomorrow and i’ll be sharing our “before” pictures next week!

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things to do

march of the {detroit zoo} penguins!

last week we went to the detroit zoo to visit the brand new polk penguin conservation center. everyone in our little family was excited but ken was by far the most excited i have seen him a long time. he picked the date and reserved the tickets months in advance and as luck would have it, it turned out to be a lovely spring day! the zoo was closed to the public so there was a lot of opportunity for annabelle to run around. we had hot dogs and chips for dinner, played with ducks and of course saw the penguins!

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my new favorite denim

do you ever feel like a trend is just not for you despite how badly you may want to make it work? that’s how i felt about overalls before this pair. i’d see other people wearing them and feel instantly jealous that i would never be cool enough to pull them off. but i’m here today to tell you i have found the pair that will work for anyone – including awkward me!
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