cute plaid winter coat

winter in detroit

I know that no one wants to hear me talk about the weather but seriously, it is so cold. I feel like someday I’ll tell my grand kids about how cold it was in the winter of 2018. And they’ll roll their eyes and think I’m exaggerating but I’m won’t be because, cold. 

ten outfits to wear during your first trimester

pregnancy post: 10 outfits to wear in your first trimester

If you’ve experience a first trimester of pregnancy you know that it’s quite different from almost anything you’ve experienced when it comes to being a functioning member of society while keeping the largest secret of your life all the while trying to stay awake and managing not to puke in public. Fun times I tell you, fun times. While I don’t have much advice on combating the very common first trimester symptoms like fatigue, nausea, and bloating, I can offer some help when it comes to dressing that {very tiny} bump! Here’s a recap of ten outfits I wore during my first trimester that maximized comfort and camouflaged my changing body.

14 week pregnancy update

pregnancy update | 14 weeks

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had the most wonderful, magical holiday spent with the ones you love! We had the very best couple days celebrating with friends and family. As sad as I am that it seems to go by faster every year I’m so excited for what {and who!} the new year will bring for our family. Here’s a little update on my pregnancy this week.